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HRB web Design is a new company specializing in design and development of high impact, sophisticated, effective web sites, branding/identity, and print material. I use cutting edge technologies, and classy, visually appealing imagery to help businesspeople, professionals, and creative entrepreneurs to express themselves and their visions, products and services powerfully and elegantly. My goal is to provide you with excellent cost-effective solutions.

Having worked in this industry since 1997, I started my web design shop Joy of Creativity in 2001. Joy of Creativity is geared more towards those pursuing more of a whimsical, creative, playful expression. In contrast, HRB Web Design is geared towards elegant minimalistic classy web sites best suited for busy professionals, such as lawyers, doctors and entrepreneurs.

In the very dynamic and rapidly shifting world of web design trends, technologies, styles constantly change, and evolve. WordPress these days is the way to go. Addressing this I have really delved into the world of wordpress to take advantage of its very extensive and powerful features such as customizability, ease of use, interactivity, mobile readiness and accessibility on multiple platforms. This has enabled me to combine wordpress with my extensive aesthetic and artistic background to create seamless, beautiful, professional, elegant and powerful websites for professionals.

I have worked with large companies such a CNET, Yoga Journal, Hollywood Stock Exchange as well as smaller firms in the last twelve years. My extensive varied experience enables me to work effectively on various projects, with different budgets.

Please take a look around. I hope to hear from you to design your new site or give your existing site a facelift.