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Technical HTML/CSS, UI, Navigation, Graphic Mockup Design for CNET Networks

During my work at CNET I did very well. In fact my recruiter had this to say about my work:

“Hamid worked at CNET on a contract project for me. Once the hiring manager viewed a sample of his source code, the phone interview was nothing more than a formality. He did a fantastic job with consistent rave reviews from the manager and his team. He has excellent interpersonal skills and is someone you can count on. Plus, he is truly a nice person. I recommend him without reservation!”

I worked in the following areas:

Tips Submission Area of
I worked on various areas of the “submit a tip area” of I had to make cross browser HTML/CSS implementations within both the Reviews and Tips & Tricks areas of which used two different wire frames (wrappers) within the jsp struts framework. I also worked with the login page for the tips submission. I also implemented the tip submission form itself in terms of CSS/HTML. Pay-per-Download (PPD) Manage Bids HTML/CSS implementation of a Very Strict Mockup Design
I worked with very strict mockups given to me by the design team. I implemented these mockups in semantic and CSS/HTML implementations, with no tables except for tabular data.

Various Mockups for (PPD) pages over several iterations.