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Front End, UI Design, HTML/CSS, Graphic Design at Pijyn

Recently I worked with the pijyn’s founder. He came to me and showed me several web sites he liked he told me the kind of clean look he was looking for. And asked me to design the homepage and then turn it into HTML, CSS and scripting. Based on our conversation I came up with logo, branding, mock-up design, colours, HTML/CSS. After I was done with my work he was very impressed he said the following:

“Hamid is a rare designer who is able to transform someone’s idea into a visually-stunning website…overnight. After meeting Hamid, the next morning I woke up with an unforgettable gift in my inbox. Witness for yourself how Hamid brought Pijyn to life: was stunned that the image on my screen so perfectly matched the vision in my head. The next day Hamid finalized the design, incorporated all requested changes, and even took the initiative to upgrade our logo to blend with the style of our website. In less than 48 hours, Hamid had worked his magic. During that time, he was a joy to work with, and immediately answered all my calls and emails. Hamid exceeded all my expectations in terms of quality, time, and profesionallism. Hamid is more than just a great designer; he is also a true friend, who always has a home at Pijyn.”

Pijyn Homepage

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