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Hamid is a web designer with an eye for whimsey! He took my basic website with The WOW Factor and added little touches of inspiration and design. With a website called The WOW Factor, it needed something else. With no direction at all, Hamid began to add little scrolls, background designs, and took my site to a higher vibration. He added music and continues to embellish my site with magical surprises. When it was time to totally change the site to an entirely new layout, he did it quickly and without any direction from me. I am a busy person and to have a web designer that takes initiative and delivers a product that is flawless is priceless to me. I highly recommend Hamid if you need a new website, want your existing site brought to a more magical place, or just looking for more whimsical delights.Dr. Leslie Hewitt, CEO of The WOW FactorThe WOW Factor
Hamid is a rare designer who is able to transform someone's idea into a visually-stunning website...overnight. After meeting Hamid, the next morning I woke up with an unforgettable gift in my inbox. Witness for yourself how Hamid brought Pijyn to life: was stunned that the image on my screen so perfectly matched the vision in my head. The next day Hamid finalized the design, incorporated all requested changes, and even took the initiative to upgrade our logo to blend with the style of our website. In less than 48 hours, Hamid had worked his magic. During that time, he was a joy to work with, and immediately answered all my calls and emails. Hamid exceeded all my expectations in terms of quality, time, and profesionallism. Hamid is more than just a great designer; he is also a true friend, who always has a home at Pijyn.Brian R. Decker, Esq .Founder, CEOPijyn, Inc.
"Hamid is not just some run-of-the-mill designer... this man is a website ARTIST! He put into tangibility the picture I had built in my mind after only two conversations! ...and he did it all in a week! Throughout the whole process Hamid was pleasant, communicative and receptive to my input. I couldn't have asked for a better designer/builder. Not only was I blown away by the end product, but he also taught me a whole new world of web design in the process! I cannot emphasize enough how strongly I would recommend him to anyone wanting an custom designed website! Hamid, thank you so much for your time and your effort! You do astounding work, brother! Namaste." Casey J. Murphy Owner, TekNow LLC teknowLLC.comCasey J. MurphyTeknow
I had the pleasure to work with Hamid on the design of a website that I conceived. As with most ideas for a website my ideas for its design, layout, function and user interface were not very clear in my mind. In fact in retrospect, I would say they were fragmented and unworkable. In steps Hamid who was brilliant in his approach and execution in designing the look, flow and operational characteristics of the website . Not only did he lead the project work but he kept me involved every step of the way to insure that my dream and his reality were in sync. In a few short weeks due to Hamid’s work ethic and dedication my dream came alive.

Perhaps Hamid’s greatest gift is his ability to work equally well with the dreamers and the engineers who develop the code for the site. He was masterful in bridging his design with the code developed by the software engineers involved with the project. I truly believe that without Hamids leadership and creativity that my site would not have been a reality. I was fortunate to find such a jewel in the sea of IT designers and highly recommend that others use him.Tom Masci, Former Corporate Vice President & General Manager Asia Pac Subscriber Division, PCS Motorola
Hamid was able to give me exactly what I needed when he created my website. He was very helpful in being fast, efficient and his design was even better than I had in my own mind. I liked how he took my words and made it into something tangible without any miscommunication at all. His turnaround was incredibly fast as well.Michael Mojica
Hamid worked at CNET on a contract project for me. Once the hiring manager viewed a sample of his source code, the phone interview was nothing more than a formality. He did a fantastic job with consistent rave reviews from the manager and his team. He has excellent interpersonal skills and is someone you can count on. Plus, he is truly a nice person. I recommend him without reservation!Linda Walston
Worked with Hamid in 3 different projects. All of those required creative design, knowledge of HTML/CSS and graphic applications. Hamid masters most Adobe products, has a deep understanding of HTML/CSS (something quite rare for a graphic artists in general) and has the ability to work 40 hours non-stop...Parham A
After literally searching the planet for a web-designer and creative person to work on Imindi, I was very lucky to discover Hamid. Hamid combines both creative imagination with technical proficiency in a whole package. He also is able to "intuit" what you are really dreaming about even when sometimes you are not that sure how to express it yourself. Hamid chooses his clients, not out of arrogance but out of a deep felt desire to work with good people and good projects that can make the world a little bit more beautiful. If you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with Hamid, grab it you will be glad you did. Adam LindemannMind Fund